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Aluminium Couplers, Hooks and Fittings

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When Alistage was started over 35 years ago, the founder realised that he could not buy the equipment he needed fast enough to react to market needs. As a result, he developed our own aluminium manufacturing facility.

Today, our factory has clients across the globe, from New Zealand to North America, South America, the Middle East to Europe and of course the UK.

Aluminium couplers, hooks and fittings 

The Alistage extruded couplers, hooks and fittings have become rapidly accepted as the industry standard within the Lighting and Sound worlds. With over a million units produced, we have an extensive range of fittings to meet industry requirements.

– Our couplers are designed to fit 2″ (50.8mm) O/D trussing and tube without damaging it, meeting a 500 Kgs Safe Working Load

– Hooks available to suit either 50.8mm (2″) or 48.4mm (129/32”) O/D tube and spigot sizes to accommodate a variety of wall thickness

 Our range includes:

Hook Fittings

Hook sizes are available to suit tubes of 2” (50.8mm) and 129/32” (48.3mm) outside diameter in a range of spigot sizes.

Extruded Coupler Fittings

Designed for use on thin walled 2” (50.8mm) aluminium tube the couplers can also be used with 129/32” (48.3mm) tube without any reduction in their safe working load.

Locking Elbows

Locking elbow sizes are available to suit tubes of 2″ (50.8mm) [10swg and 16swg] and 129/32” (48.3mm) outside diameter.

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Call us now: 01707 653245

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands such as:

Original manufacturer worldwide

Today multiple manufacturers around the world manufacture couplers according to our original design that withstood the test of time and hasn’t changed since 1990.  You will find our couplers, hooks and fittings used in multiple industries and on various structures – ranging from video walls, lighting rigs, camera mountings, construction platforms, farm machinery and many more. Many of our clients are aluminium fabricators themselves and they rely on us to make these critical component parts. – We supply OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

We are very proud to say that we manufacture all our products in Great Britain, in our factory facility on the M25 north of London. Our proprietary couplers, hooks and fittings are made with High Tensile Aluminium, with our coupler fittings load tested to 1,500 kgs by Lloyds Register of Shipping with a SWL of 500 kgs.

You are more than welcome to visit us at any time!  We would love to show you our production area. and in our showroom you can see our full range of staging equipment.

Colin, our factory manager has been with us since leaving school over 35 years ago. He has held literally every job in the factory before becoming the manager over 20 years ago. Together with our highly experienced welders and fabricators, our team is one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium fabricated structures in the UK. Unfortunately, our factory manager still hasn’t mastered the art of making a descent cup of tea, but other than that he is still learning something new on the job every day.

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