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Case Study

James Bond, Spectre

As one of the biggest and best loved movie franchises of all time the release of a new James Bond film is a huge event.

The Problem

As one of the biggest and best loved movie franchises of all time the release of a new James Bond film is a huge event.

With the Royal Albert Hall selected as the venue for the World Premiere of Spectre, the party that followed needed to be a suitably spectacular setting and ideally something that had not been done before.

The venue proposed was the Reading Room at the British Museum. It is a huge circular space; however it is filled with the Victorian listed library furniture consisting of a central circular desk and numerous reading tables, each topped with ornate brass light fittings – none of which could be moved.

The Solution

We suggested to install a raised platform over the desks and tables to form a large event area for the party.

The installation of the stage for the Spectre Party needed to be over three nights with deliveries made early morning before the opening of the Museum, and with the work being invisible to the normal operation of the Museum outside of the Reading Room.

A further complication to spanning over the desks and tables was that much of the floor is hollow and unable to support the local loadings created by the stage legs, even with the use of plywood baseboards.

This required the use of large quantities of quad trussing to be laid horizontally on the floor to sufficiently spread the floor loading over the problem areas. This meant some stage legs reached down to floor level with the remainder sitting onto the trussing.

Several CAD reworks of the stage design were made arriving at a solution that would form a stage area 30.5m wide x 15.25m deep at a height of 2.4m. The main access onto the stage was via a 6.1m wide staircase with two 1.22m wide stair systems provided for service access and emergency exit.

With the design approved and the logistics agreed, the rigging commenced with the crew overcoming the few (only to be expected) site problems as they arose.

The Result

The construction of the stage transformed the room into a party space which, once was dressed for the occasion, became a suitably elegant venue for such a prestigious event.

Following the event the de-rigging went without a hitch with the venue cleared in quick time.

The crew had managed to complete the difficult and complicated installation and removal of the equipment spanning over numerous obstructions, and working around all of the precious surfaces inside the reading room and the surrounding areas at the Museum, without any damage occurring.