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“I have worked with Alistage for a number of years and have found ways to incorporate the Alistage products into a wide variety of different events. Great team and support from the office to site.”

Jon Howes
Production Manager – Somerset House Trust

Festivals and Concerts

Our Alidome stage and roof system is widely used in festivals and music events across the UK. Our systems are designed for quick assembly and dismantling, and are great in dealing with uneven sites. Out lightweight aluminium construction negates the use of heavy transport and cranes

Film and Television

Alistage works with the leading film and television production companies in the UK. We understand your unique needs, and with our flexible product range and strong back office team we are quick to resolve any issues that may arise during shooting

Corporate Events

Over the years we have worked with thousands of event organisers on large and small corporate events, using our flexible stage system and our experience to make their vision come to a successful execution

Venues and Theatres

Our stages can be found in some of the UK’s most well known venues. As the manufacturer, we are able to offer solutions from our range of 70+ shapes or sizes, as well as build bespoke sections that connect seamlessly with our standard kit. This means you get a solution to fit your specific venue without compromise on price and quality

Conferences and Exhibitions

Alistage works with exhibitors and stage builders, supplying them with sub-structures to create a level base, raised platforms and our normal stage systems



Local Authorities

Alistage is the stage system of choice for the UK’s leading street festival organisers. From the Tower of London to Oxford Street, Regent Street and Trafalgar Square, our unique flexible system is designed to overcome the challenges of erecting stages in unusual locations

Universities and Schools

Alistage has years of experience supplying all the staging needs of schools and universities across the UK. Our stages and tiered seating are used in school plays and as platforms for photo shoots and sporting events

Industrial and Commercial

We manufacture component parts that are used by other manufacturers of aluminium structures, and provide bespoke fabrication services for engineering companies and designers who rely on our 35+ years of aluminium fabrication experience

We have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands such as: